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We help people navigate the private placement world of alternate investing. Our first goal is to help investors understand how this structure works. It is quickly apparent that knowing who to trust often drives the most stable returns. Completing due diligence on operators, gaining an understanding of local markets, reviewing project financials, and grasping the risks involved can feel overwhelming. At the Navigator Wealth Fund, we do this work for you, provide consistent investment opportunity summaries, and only bring forward qualified offerings allowing you to invest alongside us. We go beyond the “just trust us” mindset that many Wall St. or blind funds use. We provide the key information about the individual deals that help investors confirm they are worthy. Navigator Wealth Fund remains engaged in managing those investments throughout the lifecycle, saving investors time and from making costly mistakes that arise from inconsistent due diligence.
Michael has been involved in real estate investing for over 10 years. Michael has experience in underwriting, acquisition, construction, asset management, leasing, and financing. He is primarily focused on acquiring and repositioning multifamily communities while helping others to achieve their real estate goals.

Michael has built a robust network of real estate professionals for sourcing and operating great properties and operating them to high performance results. Using strong analytical skills and a conservative approach, Michael evaluates the risk to identify wise investments. 

Michael has been both a General Partner and Limited Partner in multiple real estate syndications with over 350 units. As a General Partner, Michael is involved with all aspects of acquiring, operating, and eventually selling the property. 

Michael is a Massachusetts licensed real estate salesperson. As a PMI certified Project Management Professional, Michael has a proven track record of delivering large complex projects more than $60M on budget, on schedule and at the highest quality standards. He is a technology leader having worked for four Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) totaling $30B in assets and the world’s premier business and technology consulting company – Accenture.
Jeremy began his real estate journey when he purchased his first duplex in 2010. He began investing with the goal of retiring by the time he turned 55.  In 2011 he earned his MBA, which changed his investing trajectory.  Leveraging the opportunity brought by the Great Recession’s foreclosure market, he began rehabbing single family homes in 2013 to quickly build equity in his portfolio.   Four years later, after 22 years as a manufacturing engineer, he experienced a career disrupting event that pushed him to scale his real estate portfolio even more quickly. In 2018 he closed on a 28 unit apartment property. Three months later he closed on an 8 unit property which allowed him to become financially free from his engineering career, thus achieving his goal by the time he was 45.

Since 2018, Jeremy has continued to diversify his investments by expanding his real estate portfolio into a variety of real estate assets.  He is passively investing in out of state assets, providing hard money loans, and syndicating deals (including over 1,000 self storage units, commercial retail spaces and hotel to apartment conversions) as a means to diversify his investments.  Jeremy has since ended his engineering career and transitioned to real estate full time.  He now spends time helping others learn about real estate by participating in regional REIA organizations and the local apartment associations, where he actively encourages others to get into real estate.