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As a key component to a modern investing portfolio, private placements offer consistent returns, even when public markets falter. Navigator Wealth Fund is your copilot to building long-term wealth so you can Retire Confidently. Navigator prides itself on delivering clients exceptional communication, expert insight, and outstanding investment opportunities that give you control to build a portfolio that meets your investing objectives.
Yes, we accept retirement funds. Typically, these must be in some form of self-directed accounts. Contact us to learn how to set up a self-directed account.
Yes!  We carefully analyze deals that meet our investment criteria and typically invest our own capital.
There will typically be at least a quarterly update on projects, progress toward the business plan, and market news. Some projects that move more quickly will receive monthly updates while more steady projects such as private money lending will be quarterly. At a minimum yearly, you will receive a project profit and loss (P&L) statement and K1 for tax purposes.
Real Estate private placements are a long-term investment. You should only invest money that you know you can keep invested for the expected horizon of the specific deal you have chosen. Private money lending is typically shorter term (<2 years) while equity investments are typically longer (3-7 years). Every deal is different and the expected time frame will be stated in the deal disclosure documents. If circumstances dictate you need to withdraw your capital, it may be possible to sell your ownership. Please refer to the specific deal package for details.
You will receive a single K1 document from Navigator Wealth Fund LLC that consolidates all your specific investments within the fund.
Yes! As a Navigator Wealth Fund investor you will receive your pro-rata share of depreciation expenses for your specific investment deals. See deal disclosure documents for details.
No! Navigator Wealth Fund is a customizable fund. Your return is specific to the economics of the deal you have chosen to allocate your investment toward.

A private money loan and a hard money loan are both types of alternative financing for real estate investors. They are different in the following ways:

  • A hard money loan uses the value of the property as the main criterion for lending, while a private money loan may consider both the property and the borrower’s financial strength.
  • A hard money loan is usually offered by a professional lender who specializes in short-term purchase-rehab loans, while a private money loan can come from any private individual or organization who has extra money to lend.
  • A hard money loan typically has higher interest rates and fees than a private money loan, as it involves more risk and less flexibility for the lender.
  • A hard money loan usually has a shorter-term length of 12 to 60 months, while a private money loan may have a longer term depending on the agreement between the borrower and the lender